7th Engineering Operations Facility

Fort Drum, NY

The 7th Engineering Battalion Operations project includes construction of 4 new buildings totaling 137,342 square feet on a 20 acre site at Fort Drum, NY. The new buildings include a 15,011 sf Battalion Headquarters (BnHQ), a 66,725 sf Company Operations Facility (COF), a 31,107 sf Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) and a 17,549 sf Dining Facility (DF). The Battalion Headquarters building includes administrative offices and classrooms.

The buildings are designed and constructed utilizing structural steel, steel joists, and light gauge metal
truss framing. The exterior consists of masonry with insulated metal wall panels, standing seam metal
roofing system and heavy duty commercial grade windows and doors. A new 325-space asphalt parking
lot for POV’s is provided between as well as 32,033 sy of concrete hardstand is provided surrounding the
TEMF to accommodate parking of tactical vehicles. At the COF, a 13,659 sf exterior covered hardstand
area is provided. Supplementing the TEMF building include a 5,600 sf organizational storage building, a
675 sf hazmat storage building, a 675 sf oil storage building and two 500-gallon above ground exterior
storage oil/antifreeze storage tanks are provided outside and adjacent to the TEMF.

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Beardsley Design Associates
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