For over twenty five years, Purcell Construction has pioneered the use of prefabricated wall and floor panels.

Why Prefabrication?

Benefits of prefabrication include improved quality control, a reduction in on-site labor, limited susceptibility to inclement weather, and a significantly accelerated construction schedule. Purcell Construction manufactures panels in its own prefab facility and has constructed over five million square feet of buildings using this technology. Wall manufacturing and foundation installation occur at the same time, accelerating construction and allowing earlier occupancy. In the private market, Purcell Construction, is producing panel systems with the exterior surfaces installed at the factory. The completed exterior panels allow the building to become weather tight much faster which prevents unnecessary weather damage to the building, reduces scaffolding cost and expedites the MEP rough-in schedule. Other advantages come in the form of safety outcomes and quality of finish due to the skilled tradesmen working at ground level as opposed to in a lift or scaffolding that can present a series of challenges.

Interactive Prefab Guide


Exterior Walls

Galvanized cold-formed metal stud wall panels are individually designed to meet local wind, seismic and snow loads. At a minimum, the exterior panels are fabricated with sheathing, continuous insulation and water/vapor barriers at the factory. Installation of windows, exterior façade and trim can be factory installed depending on project requirements.

Shear Walls / Interior Walls

Galvanized, cold-formed metal stud wall panels are left unsheathed to allow for onsite MEP rough-ins and installation of finishes once the area is enclosed from nature’s elements.

Floor Assembly

Composite metal decking system with poured in place concrete depicted. Depending on the layout of the building and project requirements, we offer several floor assemblies to best fit each unique project. Other floor assembly options include composite metal dovetail decking with concrete, composite joist system consisting of bar joists with metal decking and concrete topping, panelized cold-formed “C-Joist” framing system with metal decking and gypcrete, or structural cement panels and pre-cast plank with concrete topping.

Wall/Slab Connection

Structural wall panels are mechanically fastened to the concrete slab.

Edge of Deck

Various pour stops are designed and installed on-site to facilitate load transfer and expedite construction.

MEP Systems

The metal studs have knockouts, which allow for MEP rough-ins and running of wires and piping within the wall.

Window/Door Header

Exterior and interior panels are shop panelized with properly sized openings to receive windows, doors, and louvers. This eliminates on-site framing, reducing cost and improving construction schedule.

Roof Connection

Cold-formed trusses are non-combustible, allowing for a Type IIB building, reducing the need for additional fire resistance rated protection. Flat roofs can be constructed utilizing metal roof deck, bearing on walls below; panelized cold-formed “C-joists” framing system with metal decking; bar joist and metal decking; or metal decking with concrete topping.

Prefab Projects

Fort Lee Lodge

Purcell Construction was subcontracted to provide services to manufacture and erect the panelized structural framing system on this 1,000 room, seven-story hotel.

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Samaritan Summit Village

Samaritan Summit Village consists of a 288 bed senior living facility. This includes a three story 120 unit, assisted living facility and a four story, 168 unit, skilled nursing facility, with a shared common area connecting the two levels of senior care.

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East Hall, Jefferson Community College

Purcell Construction completed the construction of East Hall  at Jefferson Community College in August 2014. This residence hall accommodates nearly 300 students and met an aggressive twelve month construction schedule.

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The Terraces at Manchester

This design-build project was a 209,650 square feet, 144 unit, residential apartment tower.

Check out Purcell’s new panel technology used to build the Terraces.

View the finished product with this fun drone video.

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411-415 College Ave

This redevelopment of the iconic Student Agencies location resulted in a new building at the entrance to Cornell University in the City of Ithaca.

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Main2525 Apartments

This project was financed through Virginia Housing and consisted of 8-stories of apartments above three levels of parking on East Main Street in Richmond.

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