91st Military Police Barracks

Fort Drum, NY

Purcell was the design builder for the $54 million 91st Military Police Barracks Facility which included the construction of 3 new three story barracks buildings totaling approximately 250,000 SF. The complex was designed to house a total of 672 personnel on an approximately 37 acre site in Fort Drum, NY. The 3 story “L” shaped buildings were configured to create a contained “quad” type exterior space. Additional site considerations were given to account for future development on the site.

The barracks structure is load bearing light gauge metal framing selected for speed of construction, utilizing prefabricated wall panels. The design incorporated Anti-terrorism/Fort Protection (ATFP) as well as progressive collapse criteria. Each living unit contains a kitchen, a shared bath, and two single-person bedrooms. Laundry, vending and recycling areas are located in the center area of each building, and a day room is located in the first floor center area.

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Design/Build General Contractor


Beardsley Design Associates
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