AIT Barracks, Phase I

Fort Lee, VA

This project consists of the first phase of dormitory/barracks construction in the TA5 area of Fort Lee, VA. Three 5-story Barracks buildings and two single story Headquarters buildings were designed and constructed. Each barracks contains 312 sleeping modules housing two soldiers with kitchenettes and bathroom facilities. A total of 1872 soldiers are accommodated in the three barracks buildings. The barracks complex also includes laundry, day room, and computer laboratory facilities on each floor, as well as administration and instructional spaces on the first floor. The barracks structure is load bearing light gauge metal framing selected for speed of construction, utilizing prefabricated wall panels. The design incorporates Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) as well as progressive collapse criteria.

The project also includes two headquarters buildings containing administrative and classroom spaces in support of the housing units. The Brigade Headquarters building totals 9,650 SF and the Battalion Headquarters building totals 13,285 SF. Each building is fully air conditioned, protected by automatic sprinklers, and is wired for data and communication systems. All of the buildings are EPACT compliant and include energy efficient building envelopes and mechanical systems.

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Beardsley Design Associates

Shiplock Views

This project was constructed into a side hill on the corner of Pear and Main in Richmond and contains 180 apartments.

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The Arc Jefferson-St. Lawrence

The Arc Jefferson-St. Lawrence serves many of it’s clients through it’s main building on Gaffney Drive in Watertown. This renovation project ensured the continuation of its adult day hab and children’s preschool programs offered on site at this main building.

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Market Street Lofts

An old warehouse in Petersburg, VA was transformed into 102 apartment units through this historic renovation.

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Since this was the first venture for the College into Housing, Purcell Construction worked with the College, sharing their experience and expertise to provide us with an excellent product on time and within budget. Time for completion was critical, and Purcell delivered. I highly recommend Purcell Construction without reservation. They are committed to providing the best project possible and working with their clients to ensure satisfaction.