AIT Barracks, Phase II – Ft. Eustis

Fort Eustis, VA

The AIT Barracks Facility Complex, Phase 2
consists of two Barracks Buildings and two
Covered Assembly structures. Each three-story
barracks building is designed to house 300
single trainee soldiers (100 per floor) under normal operations, and up to 450 soldiers (150 per floor)
under serge conditions. Administrative, training and command operations, which meet the functional and
operational requirements of all users, are also included in each of the two 92,932 SF buildings (barracks).

Each building consists of sleeping units. multi-purpose classrooms, storage and company operations
components. Under normal circumstances, each wing houses soldiers in two-person, equally sized sleeping units with a private bathroom and personal storage. Each bathroom contains a water closet and
shower. Entry into each sleeping unit has three lockable built-in closets and a lavatory with an integral solid surface vanity countertop. Under serge conditions, an additional person can be accommodated
within each sleeping unit.

Day rooms, computer learning rooms, and a laundry room are located on each floor in the central core
area, easily accessible from each housing wing. Each is designed to accommodate required furnishings
and equipment.

Vertical circulation, common use spaces, and building services are centralized for efficient and convenient
function. First floor building mechanical rooms is also centrally located and is provided with exterior
access for efficient operations and maintenance.

At completion, the project will achieve a LEED Silver rating per the LEED-NC Application Guide for New
Construction and Major Renovations Project Checklist (Version 3.0). Project will also follow the
Department of the Air Force new policy on Sustainable Design and Development (SDD) Implementing
Guidance dated June 2, 2011 and the Federal High Performance Sustainable Buildings (HPSB)
Requirements as applicable to the extent specifically specified in the RFP. The result will provide a high
performance sustainable building that is environmentally and socially responsible, profitable, and a healthy
place to live and work, thus improving the quality of life for its occupants.

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