Mock Village/Shoot House

Fort Drum, NY

The Mock Village and Shoot House project involved the construction of an Afghanistan Village Complex on approximately 5 acres on Ft. Drum, NY. The mock village is a MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) consisting of 35 container structures, simulating an Afghan-style village, divided into two separate walled compounds. This complex allows soldiers to practice the skills they will need during expected deployments to Afghanistan. Training includes learning the basics of entering a foreign village, marksmanship training, self-protection, patrolling techniques and community interaction.

The structures that comprise the mock village are constructed out of SACONĀ® (Shock Absorbing
Concrete), which absorbs the rounds that are fired, with bullets only penetrating 3 inches into the material.
These structures are designed to replicate buildings with compartmentalized rooms and hallways, so
soldiers can use them to practice how they would enter and clear a building, and efficiently secure the

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Beardsley Design Associates

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Purcell effectively managed this project with a dedicated team of professional leaders, managers and staff. From design to execution to completion, their work ethic, quality control and safety programs, management of subcontractors and meeting scheduled milestones is reflected in the overall success of the project.