North Range Complex

Fort Lee, VA

The North Range Complex consists of 71,000 square feet of new construction of new administrative and support facilities for track vehicle training missions. The project also includes over 5 miles of training courses and associated range site work on a 218 acre site. Specific project components include:

• General Instructional Facility
• Vehicle Maintenance Instruction Facility
• Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility and Storage Buildings
• Central Vehicle Wash Facility
• Vehicle Recovery Training Complex.

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Beardsley Design Associates

Shiplock Views

This project was constructed into a side hill on the corner of Pear and Main in Richmond and contains 180 apartments.

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The Arc Jefferson-St. Lawrence

The Arc Jefferson-St. Lawrence serves many of it’s clients through it’s main building on Gaffney Drive in Watertown. This renovation project ensured the continuation of its adult day hab and children’s preschool programs offered on site at this main building.

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Market Street Lofts

An old warehouse in Petersburg, VA was transformed into 102 apartment units through this historic renovation.

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Purcell effectively managed this project with a dedicated team of professional leaders, managers and staff. From design to execution to completion, their work ethic, quality control and safety programs, management of subcontractors and meeting scheduled milestones is reflected in the overall success of the project.